Boards and cover cloth are converted to a book case, which frames the book block (hardcover). The covers are manufactured manually or semi-automatically depending upon machine.

The GP2 products of EC-3, SC-2, and AC-20 models are the latest generation of leading technology for "one-off" and on-demand case making. These models are designed to be ideal tools for short runs and on-demand case production. They offer advanced features and capabilities that facilitate the efficient and precise manufacturing of book covers.

With the GP2 EC-3 model, manual or semi-automatic cover manufacturing can be achieved, depending on the specific machine configuration. This model provides flexibility in the production process, allowing for customization and adaptability to different requirements.

These GP2 models offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the bookbinding industry. They excel in meeting the demands of short-run and on-demand case making, providing bookbinders with the tools they need to efficiently produce high-quality book covers.


BINDWEL CASING-IN machine ideally for the perfect inserting of book block in the finished case. Machine is easy to operate and maintain. With the pneumatic and PLC technology to travel the book from one place to other. Easy make ready and operating. Non vibrating heavy machine for accurate place of the book in to the cases.

Bindwell Casing-In