Signa 5K Gatherer

Signa 5K Gatherer

The modular signature gathering machine with optional side stitching. Designed to streamline and enhance the signature collection, printing, and binding process, this innovative machine incorporates the cutting-edge Welbound Signature Recognition System (WSRS) and offers the versatility of side stitching. Let's delve into the features and benefits of this state-of-the-art solution.

Brochure of Signa 5K

Modular signature gathering machine with optional side stitching. Now with WSRS (Welbound Signature Recognition System)

Salient Features

  • Sturdy design incorporating latest safety features
  • PLC controlled system; Operations through touch screen HMI panel
  • Offline gathering - Base model of 4 stations with delivery unit, expandable up to 20 stations
  • Manual feed station – In case the number of signatures on a particular job is more than the number of gathering stations; the remaining gathered signatures can be fed into the manual feed station
  • Suction and gripper type of separation and pulling of signatures from the feed stations
  • Error detection protocols provided:
    • Missing signature detection through optical sensors
    • Multiple signature detection - Operator adjustable through electro-mechanical caliper
    • Low pile level detection through proximity sensor
    • Signatures misaligned either due to improper gathering or while transmission will also be detected
  • Vertical zig zag stacking at delivery unit
  • Optional side stitching (stitching heads from hohner® Germany)

Technical Data

Mechanical Speed 4000 cycles per hour
Spine Length (Max) 370 mm
Spine Length (Min) 250 mm
Book Width (Max) 300 mm
Book Width (Min) 150 mm
Book Thickness 3-50 mm
Book Thickness (with side pinning) 3-16 mm
Distance Between Stitches 70 mm (minimum)
Number of Stations 4-20 stations
Signature GSM 40-250 GSM (single sheet minimum 100 GSM)
Maximum Pile Height 150 mm
Power Requirement 5 HP / 415 V/ 3 Phase / 50 Hz
Compressed Air Requirement 14 CFM, 8 Bar per module (1 module = 4 stations)
**(air supply should be provided with dry air)**