Adhesives play an equally important role in the making of a book, as machines do. Henkel Adhesives, who are the global leader, has helped Bindwel deliver complete solutions to the book binding industry.

Adhesive Range

Our range of adhesives includes hotmelt adhesives, water based adhesives and jelly glues (animal glues). These adhesives are available in various grades to fulfill the specific needs and requirements of the job. With the latest generation of Low operating temperature hotmelts and Reactive hotmelts, we offer all that you need to achieve the best quality binding at optimum efficiencies.

Hotmelt Adhesives

Hotmelt adhesives for perfect binding (adhesive binding) of books

Product Datasheet
Technomelt 299 M
Technomelt 159 S2
Technomelt 718
Technomelt 970
Technomelt 970N
Technomelt 4503
Technomelt GA 3116

Low Temperature Hotmelts

Hotmelt adhesives for perfect binding which run at lower application temperatures.

Product Datasheet
Technomelt COOL 4570
Technomelt COOL 4515
Technomelt COOL 4505
Technomelt 4530
Technomelt AS 320

Pressure Sensitive Hotmelts

Pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives for side glue application

Product Datasheet
Technomelt 4533
Technomelt 2416- 21
Technomelt 4586

PUR Hotmelts

Reactive hotmelts for perfect binding application using special application equipment

Product Datasheet
PUR 3317 BR

Water Based Adhesives

Water based adhesives that for manual case-making, lamination, tipping, pasting etc.

Product Datasheet
Adhesin FB 114
Aquence 053 ALV
Aquence FB 633- 1904

Animal (Jelly) Glues for Hardcover binding

Jelly glues for case and book block making for hardcover books

Product Datasheet
Aquence GA 5000