Single Clamp Binders

Single Clamp Binders

Bindwel Blue is the family of single clamp perfect binders. With many variants, the perfect binder is versatile and suitable for a wide variety of requirements. The three roller gluing systems and separate side gluing tank add value and provide a superior spine gluing. A PUR-ready version is also available which makes perfect binding possible to virtually all types of substrates.

Single clamp binders offer a quick and efficient way to bind and organize papers, making them easy to handle and transport. They are especially useful when you need to access or modify specific pages without having to remove the entire stack.

It's worth noting that there may be variations in the design and functionality of single clamp binders, depending on the manufacturer and specific product model. However, the basic principles of operation described above apply to most single clamp binders.

Salient Features

  • Single clamp perfect binder with easily adjustable book clamp
  • Cover nipping station with facility to control the nipping pressure
  • Timers for adjusting feed-in time, cover nipping duration and delivery
  • Wide range of jobs can be done with easy job change over