Bindwel Freedom 2K

Bindwel Freedom 2K

Bindwel Freedom is an innovative concept that introduces a medium-speed perfect binding machine capable of producing up to 2000 books per hour. What sets Bindwel Freedom apart is its ability to incorporate full inline continuity, providing a seamless and efficient workflow for bookbinding operations.

By integrating inline continuity, the Bindwel Freedom machine eliminates the need for manual handling or interruptions between various binding processes. This streamlined approach ensures a continuous flow from one stage to another, optimizing productivity and reducing downtime.

Brochure of Freedom 2K

Salient Features

  • In-line feeding of gathered signatures into infeed unit which carries signatures automatically to book clamps
  • Can be attached with inline signature gatherer
  • Can be attached with automatic book block feeder (for sewn / side stitched book blocks)
  • Can be attached inline with three knife trimmer
  • Multi-function combination milling station with milling, notching with micro notch, roughening and brushing of book spine
  • 3 roller glue tank with head and tail cut-off system plus accurate control of adhesive through doctor blade. Integrated Pre-melter, saving on space and energy. Digital temperature control with accuracy of +/-1° Cel
  • Spine glue tank settings through position indicators for doctor blade, roller height and glue layer ensuring accurate control of glue on books
  • Replaceable glue station on castor wheels that can be replaced with Cold Glue, PUR or any other type of adhesive or application system
  • Separate side gluing station with adjustable head and tail cut-off system and slanted gluing discs, providing a uniform, thin layer of glue, that stays within the front cover score area
  • Automatic cover feeder with adjustable creasing attachment. Option of compressed air with vacuum generator or vacuum pump
  • Provision for feeding oblong type covers
  • Cam driven, strong cover nipping station
  • Control system with HMI providing all information on settings, speed, production data, energy consumption, stoppage and maintenance warnings. Ability to send information through email / SMS
  • Book stacking at the delivery unit with butterfly winged collector connected to lay down or vertical exit

Technical Data

Manual Feeding Min Book Size (mm) 150 x 110
Manual Feeding Max Book Size (mm) 420 x 300
Inline Feeding Min Book Size (mm) 150 x 110
Inline Feeding Max Book Size (mm) 320 x 260
Book Thickness (mm) 3 to 50
Centralised Adjustment Optional Automation
Maximum Clamp Opening (mm) 80
Mechanical Speed 2100 books per hour
Power Requirement 415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz (25 KVA)
Air Requirement (Dry Air) 9 CFM, 8 Bar
Book Stacking at delivery Lay down or Vertical