🌍Armenian Printer Chooses Bindwel’s Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer for Quality & Safety 💪

Tigran Mets installs Trimit 30C three-knife book trimmer

Team Tigran and Bindwel at Bengaluru Factory

Armenian Printing Giant Chooses Indian Excellence: Bindwel Trimit 30C 🌍

In a significant nod to Indian manufacturing prowess, Armenia’s esteemed printing house, Tigran Mets, has embraced Bindwel’s innovation by incorporating the Trimit 30C three knife trimmer into their production line. This milestone not only elevates Tigran Mets’s operational capabilities but also marks another international success story for the Made in India brand.

The Historical Prestige of Tigran Mets 📚

Established following the early 20th-century Sovietization of Armenia, Tigran Mets quickly ascended to become a cornerstone of the republic’s publishing sector. This powerhouse prints over 90% of the republic’s newspapers and serves an impressive client base including the UN Office and the Red Cross, underscoring its influential stature in the global publishing scene.

A Continuation of Excellence with Bindwel 💪

Following the 2023 installation of the Freedom 4.5K 12-clamp perfect binder, Tigran Mets sought to further enhance its production line with a state-of-the-art trimming solution. The decision to invest in the new off-line three knife trimmer came after meticulous evaluation led by Tigran Technical team’s general manager, Igit Mkrchyan, evaluated trimmers made in China during the All in Print 2023 exhibition in Shanghai.

Tigran Mets installs Trimit 30C three knife book trimmer
Team Tigran with the installed Bindwel’s Freedom 4.5K perfect binder

Tigran Mets conclusion from the thorough evaluation:

  • Chinese Trimmers at All in Print 2023: Left doubts about build quality, features and upgradeability.
  • Bindwel Bengaluru Factory Visit: Impressed by manufacturing standards on par with European brands.
  • Past Experience: Positive track record with Bindwel’s Freedom 4.5K binder.

Why Trimit 30C Stood Out 👀

Igit Mkrchyan, Tigran Mets’s General Manager, shared, “Despite the higher investment cost, we chose Bindwel for their unparalleled manufacturing quality and our positive past experiences with them.” He highlighted the trimmer’s European-standard production process, the critical importance of trimming quality and safety, and the flexibility for future inline integration as decisive factors.

The Future is Inline ⏩

Bindwel’s modular approach lets Tigran Mets plan strategically. “The option to connect the Trimit 30C inline with a binder is a major advantage,” Mr. Mkrchyan adds.

Tigran Mets installs Trimit 30C three-knife book trimmer
Team Tigran and Bindwel at Bengaluru Factory

The Unveiling of Bindwel’s Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer

Anticipation is building as Tigran Mets prepares to welcome the Trimit 30C three knife trimmer, marking yet another milestone in Bindwel’s expanding global footprint. Kai Buentemeyer, Bindwel’s director, voiced his excitement from Germany, hinting at an innovative variant set to be showcased at Drupa 2024.

🔧 Salient Features of the Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer

  • Sturdy, monoblock design for long-lasting durability
  • High-speed, automatic trimming with stringent safety protocols
  • Advanced HMI for comprehensive production insights
  • Versatile adjustments for a broad range of book sizes
  • Safety First: Meets stringent international standards.
  • Precision Trimming: Ensures clean cuts and a polished product.
  • Upgradeable: Option for future in-line integration with a binder.
  • Built to Last: Robust single-cast construction for longevity.

Bindwel Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer Product Brochure: https://bindwel.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Brochure-Trimit-30C-Trimmer.pdf

Bindwel Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer Product Video

Bindwel’s Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer Exports Surge 🚀

Mayur Bharate, head of exports at Bindwel, notes the growing global demand for new trimmers: “Customers recognize the value in features, safety, and the ability to upgrade. This sets us apart from used European, Japanese, or new Chinese machines.”We have exported Trimit 30C Three Knife Trimmer to countries like Tanzania, Morocco, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, and so on in the last two years.” 

Drupa 2024 Sneak Peek🤫

“The Trimit 30C three knife trimmer will be installed at Tigran Mets before Drupa 2024,” reveals Kai Buentemeyer, Bindwel’s Director. And that’s not all! “At Drupa, we’ll unveil a Trimit variant as part of our Bindline system. It’s a new concept in three knife trimming that will redefine lean book production.”

Buentemeyer’s statement to the bookbinding community: “In days to come, we hope to meet a significant portion of the global demand for reliable, dependable, and secure solutions for three knife trimming.

🚀 Bindwel Trimit 30C: Shaping the Future of Book Trimming 🚀

Bindwel’s Trimit 30C represents more than just an advancement in trimming technology; it embodies a global shift towards precision, safety, and adaptability in the publishing industry. Its installation in one of Armenia’s most revered publishing houses is a testament to Bindwel’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Ready to Upgrade Your Trimming?

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