Wohlenberg Lucro 5000


Wohlenberg Lucro is a robust and beneficial solution for high speed book production. The proven German technology is adapted to include features that will sustain the stress of not-so-ideal working conditions. Lucro combines the strength of the proven efficiency of the Sprinter gatherer and the City binder, with sensible and essential automation, that is foolproof. 

The perfect binding line is central to the workflow of soft cover book production. Lucro delivers the unique advantages offered by other Wohlenberg lines – be it in handling difficult signatures, loose leaves, gate-fold covers etc. 

Wohlenberg Lucro follows the lineage of the Wohlenberg binders that stand out for their smart and economic use of space and energy. For a 5000 books per hour machine, Lucro requires the lowest foot print and consumes the minimum of energy.

Salient Features

  •  Flexible spine processing with high-power 6.2 kW milling motor plus frequency-controlled notching- or multiple knife head 
  •  Flexible glue technique for separate processing of spine- and side glue as interchangeable system for different gluing techniques
  •  Universal easy-to-use rotary cover feeder for processing 4,6 and 8 page covers
  •  Separately operating registering and pressing station for the exact positioning of cover and optimal spine forming
  •  Laydown device for gentle positioning of the products and as interface for an inline linking

Technical data

Mech. Speed1000 – 5000 cycles/h
Book height140 – 370 mm
Book width105 – 320 mm
Book thickness2 – 50 mm
Number of clamps15
Cover height140 – 375 mm
Cover width208 – 640 mm
Clamp opening width12 –90 mm