Impel-Welbound introduces hard cover case-making solutions

Arvind Kalasur, director-technical services, and Suresh Nair, CTO, Impel-Welbound, outside the Rokin Technology premises

Impel-Welbound, India’s leading supplier of book binding machines, has entered into an agreement with Rokin Technology to introduce hard cover case-making solutions in India. Arvind Kalasur, director-technical services, travelled with Suresh Nair, the CTO of the group, to evaluate the Rokin products prior to this announcement.

Rokin Technology has twenty years of experience in handling hard cover, rigid boards and converting them to cases, stationery and boxes. The latest solution from Rokin was displayed at international events, and according to Nair, they are exemplary because of their compact design and high-end automation.

“The R18 case-maker occupies minimal floor space, and has excellent “throughput to area” ratio. The gluing system has a viscometer which helps control the viscosity of the adhesive–water combination. This is important to maintain consistency during higher speeds. The machine also accepts a wide range of covers and can bind up to seven pieces of boards,” Nair said.

In addition to the R18 case-maker, Rokin also manufactures board cutters, corner cutters and other auxiliary equipment required for hard cover manufacturing.

So far, Welbound had stayed away from the hard cover market, instead focusing its attention on soft covers. Despite customer feedback about building such solutions, the demand for perfect binders kept the company’s engineering team busy.

“A lot of our leading customers who also have European soft and hard cover binders, constantly asked us to provide alternate solutions — new, flexible, yet cost effective. So when we met the Rokin team, we realised that we can be partners and work together in order to fill this gap,” said Kalasur who is spearheading the partnership, in addition to heading Welbound Technical Services.

Seana Huang, sales director of Rokin Technolgy, said, “We have already shipped machines to India, and with this association with Impel-Welbound, who have a great reputation and extensive after-sales support, we hope to have many machines shipped into India soon.”