Mumbai’s Creative Hits 1 Crore Books Target with Bindwel’s Perfect Binder BW@2500

Looking for a high-speed perfect binding solution? Discover Bindwel's Perfect Binder BW@2500 - the machine that helped Mumbai's Creative Print skyrocket their production to a crore books annually 🚀.

Satish Borade of Creative with the new machine

Looking for a high-speed perfect binding solution? Discover Bindwel’s Perfect Binder BW@2500 – the machine that helped Mumbai’s Creative Print skyrocket their production to a crore books annually 🚀.

Meet Creative:

In the heart of Mumbai, a transformation is underway at Creative, a pioneering print and binding hub that’s setting new benchmarks in the book production industry. Founded by the visionary Satish Borade in 2010, Creative embarked on its journey with modest beginnings. Yet, it wasn’t long before their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation led them to a significant upgrade: the introduction of Bindwel’s (formerly Welbound WB@2500) six-clamp BW@2500 binding machine. This game-changer marks Creative’s second Bindwel machine installation, catapulting them into new realms of productivity and quality.

Mumbai printer celebrates growth with Bindwel perfect binding machine
Satish Borade of Creative with the new machine

Unveiling Creative’s Growth Odyssey

Starting with just a two-color machine and a pre-owned binder, Creative has seen exponential growth over the years. Their first leap, a Bindwel six-clamp machine in 2017, was only the beginning. Their latest investment in the BW@2500 binding machine has propelled them to new heights.
Why BW@2500, you ask? Satish Borade credits their choice to the machine’s unparalleled speed, safety, and exceptional quality output.

A Leap in Production Volume

In recent years, Creative has witnessed a surge in book production volumes, jumping from 20-lakh books annually to an astonishing 70-lakh last year. This year, they’re aiming to surpass the one-crore mark. Focusing on publishers, Creative has become a powerhouse, producing millions of books for major names like Chetna Publications and Balbharati.

Operating from a 15,000-sqft facility, Creative’s arsenal includes three four-color machines from NBG, two perfect binding kits from Bindwel, a trident trimmer machine, and more. Their recent investment in a pre-owned Heidelberg sheetfed machine further cements their commitment to top-tier quality and efficiency.

The Secret Behind Creative’s Success – Bindwel’s Perfect Binder BW@2500

What sets Creative apart? Borade believes it’s their unwavering commitment to on-time delivery and impeccable product quality. A robust combination of advanced machinery, operational efficiency, and productivity is the backbone of their promise to clients. Overcoming the challenge of producing nearly 70-lakh books in just one year, Creative has proven their mettle, ensuring each book is printed, bound, and delivered flawlessly, in-house, without defects or rejections.

Shakti Nadar, area sales manager for Impel Bindwel, praises Creative’s rapid growth in the book printing sector. Borade’s extensive experience and innovative approach to book production, utilizing state-of-the-art binders and trimmers, set Creative apart as a leader in the industry.

Exploring the BW@2500 Advantage

The Bindwel BW@2500 binding machine stands as a testament to Bindwel’s innovation in the printing industry. Known for its robust performance, the BW@2500 ensures exceptional binding accuracy and consistency. Equipped with advanced automation features, including an automated book block measuring system and a spine preparation unit, it delivers professional-grade bookbinding, enhancing productivity and reducing waste.
The Bindwel WB@2500 perfect binder is designed for mid-sized commercial printers and bookbinders seeking maximum efficiency and productivity. Check out its key features:

  • Versatile: Handles a wide variety of jobs, from short runs to high-volume projects.
  • Automation: Reduces manual intervention, increasing output and minimizing errors.
  • User-friendly: Easy to operate and maintain, ensuring smooth production workflows.

Creative’s strategic partnership with Bindwel not only highlights their dedication to quality but also their forward-thinking vision. By choosing the BW@2500, Creative has embraced the future of bookbinding, ensuring their products meet the highest standards of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Charting New Horizons

As Creative continues to redefine the landscape of book printing and binding, their journey is a beacon of innovation and excellence in the industry. Their ability to adapt, invest, and excel illustrates the power of visionary leadership and strategic partnerships.

Embrace the Future with Creative and Bindwel

Interested in witnessing how Creative’s commitment to innovation transforms book production? Stay tuned for more updates and stories of transformation in the world of bookbinding.

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