Bookbinding Industry Trends in India: PrintPack 2019

Bookbinding industry trends in India

Print Isn’t Dead! Indian Book Industry Thrives Despite Digital Disruption. Witness the rebirth of India’s book market and discover cutting-edge bookbinding innovations at PrintPack 2019.

Bookbinding Industry Trends in India: A Resurgence of Print

The Indian book market, valued at a staggering USD 6.7 billion, isn’t just surviving in the digital age – it’s thriving! As the third-largest English-language market globally, and with numerous regional language markets flourishing, demand for physical books is on the rise.

Insights from Industry Leaders – Visionary Thoughts from Pallippuram Sajith and Ananth Padmanabhan

Resilience in the Face of Digital Shifts

Pallippuram Sajith, the dynamic director of Bindwel, reflects on the recent trends: “Despite past predictions about e-books diminishing the need for printed books, we’ve seen a robust rebound in traditional book demand. It’s clear that printed books are here to stay, cherished by generations young and old alike.”

The Rise of Children’s Books

“The surge in children’s literature, particularly tactile books like coloring and alphabet books, signifies a growing segment that’s thriving on the tactile experience that print offers,” Sajith adds, highlighting a significant trend in the industry’s recovery and growth.

Market Optimism from HarperCollins

Printed Books: Timeless and Adaptable

Ananth Padmanabhan, CEO of HarperCollins India, shares his insights during a publishers’ roundtable, “The printed book market in India is not just surviving; it’s thriving, showing double-digit growth, undeterred by digital alternatives or economic shifts.

Ananth Padmanabhan, CEO of HarperCollins India, echoes this sentiment. “Printed trade-books in India, are on a path of double-digit growths,” he states. “Books are agnostic to economic and cultural changes.”

The bookbinding industry in India is evolving to meet this demand. Print-on-demand (POD) is now firmly established, offering publishers faster turnaround times and reduced inventory costs.

Millennials Drive Print Book Boom 👪

“Over the full year, the Indian book industry has seen an uplift in terms of quantities, orders and run lengths,” notes Pallippuram Sajith, director at Bindwel. Surprisingly, it’s millennials, often seen as digital natives, who are fueling this trend.

Why? Sajith explains, “The millennial parents want their children to have the touch and feel of books, and this has brought back coloring books and alphabet books back into fancy.” This shift highlights the enduring appeal of physical books, especially in nurturing young minds.

Henkel-Bindwel Book Days: A Convergence of Ideas and Technology – Growth For All

“The Henkel-Bindwel Book Days will not only showcase our latest innovations but also foster a collaborative environment where publishers and designers can explore new possibilities and drive growth,” explains Sajith. This initiative marks the beginning of a series of activities aimed at celebrating and advancing the book publishing industry across India and beyond.

Bindwel recognizes the potential for growth and collaboration in this thriving landscape. Their “Book Days” events bring together publishers, printers, and designers to explore cutting-edge ideas and foster innovation in the bookbinding industry.

The theme, “Growth For All,” perfectly captures the potential for shared success. By sharing knowledge and resources, Bindwel aims to help publishers and printers unlock new opportunities in this expanding market.

How Bindwel Empowers the Bookbinding Industry Trends in India ⚙️

Bindwel, a leading manufacturer of bookbinding equipment, is a key player in this industry’s evolution. Their machines are used by a majority of book manufacturers in India, a testament to their commitment to quality and reliability.

Bindwel’s diverse range of products caters to the unique needs of the Indian market, from high-speed perfect binders like the BW@2500 to specialized solutions for hardcovers and finishing. By providing innovative and efficient technology, Bindwel empowers printers and publishers to meet the growing demand for printed books.

Bookbinding industry trends in India

Embracing the Future of Bookbinding in India: Bindwel’s Vision

As the Indian book market continues to expand, Bindwel remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of bookbinding innovation. Their focus on customer-centricity, continuous learning, and “solutioning beyond expectations” ensures they remain a trusted partner for printers and publishers alike.

Bookbinding industry trends in India

Beyond PrintPack 2019: Bindwel’s Ongoing Commitment

While the “Book Days” event at PrintPack 2019 marked a significant milestone, Bindwel’s commitment to the Indian book industry is ongoing. They continue to host events and initiatives throughout the year, fostering collaboration and driving growth in key book hubs across India.

Join the Bindwel Community and Embrace the Future of Bookbinding

Whether you’re a publisher, printer, or designer, Bindwel invites you to join them on this exciting journey. Connect with Bindwel on social media or visit their website to learn more about their innovative solutions and how they can help your business thrive in the dynamic Indian book market.

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